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Karbeethong Lodge: Waterfront Mallacoota Accommodation

Welcome to Karbeethong Lodge, the ideal escape in the picturesque Mallacoota!

Surrounded by the unspoiled natural beauty of Mallacoota and its nearby attractions, Karbeethong Lodge boasts stunning views that you can enjoy from our elegantly designed accommodations. Wake up each day to the tranquil sights of crystal-clear waters and the Howe Range landscape.

Our well-equipped shared kitchen facilities enhance your stay by offering everything necessary for preparing delightful meals on-site. Bask in the convenience of dining in while soaking up the captivating scenery from our lodge. We have a stunning dining room and lounge area for guests and on a cold night you can expect a cosy open fire.

What sets Karbeethong Lodge apart? It’s our exceptional customer service and personalised attention, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every guest. Our distinctive features, such as easy access to beautiful nearby beaches and the renowned Lakeside Walk, make us a top choice for those seeking a truly unique getaway.

Don’t miss this extraordinary retreat! Reserve your stay at Karbeethong Lodge today and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Mallacoota.

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